Collaborative Consulting throughout project.

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Conststruction Documents

Integrative Services from design to completion of project.

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Plan Check Processing

High caliber services and solutions to meet your creative needs.

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Construction Administration

Consultation all the way to final inspection

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Why work with us


We are building for the future.

Our clients are assured we use the highest technology, we have an abundant knowledge of both conventional architecture, as well as Sustainable / Green design. We are committed to continued education in the construction and design process. We are committed and welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.

Kemmerer Design Architecture, Inc. is a Huntington Beach based design and architecture firm. Established in 2002 the firm has continued to grow and expand into a number product types including; light commercial, office / warehouse, retail, dinning, and substantial residential projects. Our firm is dedicated to quality design and timely services. We are committed to the research and implementation of innovative and sustainable design and use of materials that stand the test of time.


Our process



Preliminary Design

Preliminary Plans and Design alternatives:

KDA will providing measurements, details, surveying. Identify alternatives; Prepare estimates of probable cost and present, as needed, at staff and/or public meetings, including recommendation and analyses with respect to the advantages of each alternative.

Design Development


Construction Documents:

KDA will prepare designs, Plans Specification, details, and contract bidding documents. KDA will also provide final drawings in the format requested in the RFP.



Entitlement / Permits:

Assist the City in obtaining entitlements and approvals from applicable agencies for environmental and/or other permits, as may be required.



Construction Stage:

KDA will attend pre-construction conference. Monitor construction schedule, visit construction site as required for progress and quality of work. KDA will assist the contract manager, contractor, and inspector with interpretation of the plans and specifications, analysis of changed conditions, development of corrective action, review of shop drawings and other submittals, and the review and negotiation of change orders. KDA will prepare “as-built” drawings as needed.