Who we are

Marcus Kemmerer


Why should you choose KDA? Simple:

Our clients are assured we use the highest technology, we have an abundant knowledge of both conventional architecture, as well as Sustainable / Green design. We are committed to continued education in the construction and design process. We are committed and welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.


With KDA you can count on a commitment to superior design and customer satisfaction. There are no shortcuts. Our design and construction process brings profitable projects to the market time and time again.


We welcome and encourage interaction in the design process. We find it makes for the best design and the most satisfied clients.


We use the most recent and finest 3D Building Information Modeling, (BIM) processes. Which is to say we draft all are project in 3D immediately. This helps our clients visualize the projects more readily.


KDA takes great pride in the details during every phase including the Construction Doc phase. We focus on integrating design with real world economics and how actual construction is illustrated.


Over the years we have fostered a close working relationship with the local planning and building departments. This ensures an expedited plan check process so that you move quickly into the construction phase.


It all comes down to realization in the field, where construction takes place. KDA is there from beginning to end to ensure that your vision and expectations are realized.